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Mangilli Grappas and Wines

azienda storica Mangilli

Since from the end of the 1800 in Flumignano di Talmassons has been successfully active the company of Marquises Mangilli.
In 1977 Marquis Fabio passes the control to Francesco Perissinotto a great fan of the territory and lover of the wine world. With his work the company was opened to the world of the wine.

The Company produces d.o.c. wines from Collio, Colli Orientali and Grave of Friuli areas beyond to its flower to the eyelet, "Progetto"(bronze medal to the Selection Mondial du Quebec).

Today Mangilli products are present in the main European markets and all around the world.


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The Grappa is proudly the product with which Mangilli's is created a name of prestige.

Grappa Mangilli is a wise and dosed blended of distillates obtained with the followings systems of distillation:

- System to discontinuous cycle, that foresees the employment of the traditional little vapor boilers and of copper still under the expert and careful control of the "teacher distiller" that manually intervenes in the varied phases of the distillation, from the loading to intermittence of the boilers to the separation from the distillate of the heads ,rich of methylic alcohol, and of the tails, rich of amilic oils to extract only the central part rich of aromas and of characteristic components.

To the traditional vapor boilers present since from the beginning of 20th century, it was installed in 1998 a new and modern plant of the type to bain-marie.

- System to continuous cycle, that foresees the employment of modern columns of distillation where, otherwise from the system to discontinuous cycle, all the operations, from the feeding of the plant to the extraction of the product, happen without interruptions.

The distillate has good characteristics and lighter aroma of that obtained with the discontinuous system.

Otherwise from the greatest part of the distillates that just obtained are deprive some typical organolectical characteristic that are conferred only by an opportune aging, instead the grappa is rich and full of its typical aroma since from the moment of the distillation.

Nevertheless a good period of rest in neutral containers of glass or stainless steel, confers to the grappa a harmonic refinement and a better equilibrium of its components: for the Mangilli Bianca the least period of rest is of six months.

The aging in wood containers, after the refinement, it favors the chemical-physical phenomenons instead (oxidation, etc.) with the formation of components that confers to the distillate an aroma of great complexity and a softness in the taste; besides the transfer of extractive substances (tannin) from the wood confers to the distillate an amber color and new organolectical component.

The Mangilli Riserva is composed by a blended of distillates grown old in oak barrel, the more youth of which with at least one year of aging.

Stock ability:
Distillery: Grappa warehouse: hl. 3.500
Ageing warehouse: hl. 1.000 


In 1977 the company entered the wine World and, slowly but steadily, placed its products in the high-quality market, thanks to their constantly refined features.

The first bottle was sold with the 1983 label.

The vineyards are equiped with an irrigation system which make use of the water coming from wells.

Treatments against the parasite are effected only in very particular case.

The harvest manually happens in plastic boxes, transported in firm and the grape directly introduced in press according to the demands.

The facility of sterilization (practiced every evening) of the containers and the proximity of the firm in the wine cellar, there they allow to introduce whole grape in the wine cellar avoiding macerations and uncontrolled fermentations.

The following soft pressing, effected with press to membrane in depression, the temperature checked fermentation, allows us to optimize the production with perfumed wines, yielded , with good structure and persistence.

Besides the particular care of the production in the vineyard , Mangilli, thigh of the importance that covers the moment of the wine production and the maturation of the wines, has also equipped its wine cellar with an air conditioned cell for a better refinement and wines' maintenance are them already bottled or still in barrel.

Here the barrels and the barriques, where the particular wines Progetto, Picolit, Ramandolo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon mature without change of temperature, are preserved.

Stock ability:

Winery: hl 5.500